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  1. Livebearers
    Hi there again~ Okay, so I already posted a thread that was "Maybe pregnant platy?" and got some really good responses. Well, I have another issue with that silly little platy. She got thinner again, but the fry aren't anywhere to be found. So, last time I posted a video of my platy Hiedi, she...
  2. General Freshwater
    My livebearer is going to have her fry soon, i know that she is going to eat some of these but i want her to stay in the community tank and then after she is done having her fry move them to a hospital tank afterwards, will other fish in my tank eat her fry? the only other fish in this tank...
  3. General Freshwater
    My guppy is pregnant, has been pregnant for about 20 days, she hovers near the heater, and refuses to eat any type of food and has become slightly discolored. Are there are any signs that my guppy is going to have her fry soon?
  4. Breeding Freshwater Fish
    I just found a baby platy in my filter when i took it out to change the media! It's all by itself, and I thoroughly looked through my tank. My only mature female wasn't acting strange or looking extremely prego, and I found a BABY. I'm so happy, I'm getting a breeder net to put it in as soon as...
  5. Livebearers
    My husband and I recently started a tank a few months ago and just love our fish....yesterday, while checking out our tank, we noticed a teeny tiny little baby!!! Panicked, I got it out and put it in a separate tank and we quickly went to the pet store and bought a net insert to protect the...
  6. Livebearers
    I've been researching on the internet about red wag platy pregnancy, and everything I'm learning is different from my previous research. I think my female is pregnant and I want her to have her fry without them getting devoured or her reabsorbing them. I live in the mountains and I can not go to...
  7. Introductions
    hello every one ,i have buyed my fist fish a month ago and lost 2 of them recently,and i am willing to gather as much knowledge as i can so i can take care of my fish nicely !! :fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:
  8. Livebearers
    I have a blue platy, and 2 days ago she had like 2 fry from what i saw, then yesterday i saw another one, i have like 12 other fish in the 29 gallon tank. she still has gravel spots, is she still pregnant today?
  9. Livebearers
    Im new to aquariums, i have to guppys, one male and female, and 9 or 10 fry, the day i got the fish, halloween, she had her batch, well they are 4 days old and i could swear i see the gonopodium on some of them, could thyis be the gonopodium fin on the males? second ?, is the mother usually...
  10. General Freshwater
    my 29 gallon tank is being cycled right now and my female platy is 2 weeks pregant she is going to stay in the ten gallon to have her fry and the other fish will be going into the new tank can i leave an otto in with fry or will he eat them i now they eat algae and vegtables, but i have heard...
  11. Livebearers
    I was wondering if you guys knew of any small fish that eat fry. Do swordtails, tetras, and cories eat fry?
21-31 of 31 Results