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  1. Ebay Auctions
    Hi! I have lots of products available at either of these online stores: My prices are consistently lowest. I listed these yesterday: 50 W Rena Cal Top Light Excel 100 W Rena Cal Top Light Excel 150 W Rena Cal...
  2. Equipment & Technologies
    We have 2 THEO UL 400W Heaters in our 210 gal. tank and they seem uncontrollabe. The temp in the tank is reading about 86 degrees. We have turned one off and have adjusted them several times to try and correct the temperature. Does anyone recommend a better heater(s) for this size tank. :fish:
  3. Bettas
    Hey everyone, My Betta is currently in a 1 gallon fish tank. The tank is perfectly fine and warm enough when I'm at more dorm, but for the holidays he had to come home with me. My room gets cold which means his water does as well. I've been leaving his tank light on 24/7 to keep it at a...
1-3 of 3 Results