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  1. Beginner Freshwater
    So, all but one of my fish caught ick and have died rapidly. We could not treat it fast it enough, though, because we have fry in the tank. The fry are starting to die now, though, but I know that you can't use ick treatment on the babies. Someone help me. I have a new, smaller tank that someone...
  2. Brackish
    So the other day I saw a $19.00 spotted green puffer with lots of ick on him but fell in love anyways. I asked if I could get a discount to take the puffer home and get him healthy again. I ended up getting an offer to take him for free, so of course I jumped on it, complete impulse buy. He is...
  3. Beginner Freshwater
    I have a female betta in a community tank. I noticed white spots on the body and she would rub against the decorations and/or plants and isolate herself. Is this a sign of ich/ick? I placed her in her own tank for now. What should I do from here? Thanks Flip
  4. Diseases
    I have about 14 black and dalmatian molly's (thanks to ten 1-2 month old fry). We just had a massive power out due to Hurricane Irene, and I had to evac for the day - I was able to get a battery air pump, so everyone made it out okay. However now today I notice white spots on a lot of my fish...
  5. Beginner Freshwater
    Hey guys! I wrote a few days back about my first tank, a 10 gallon with two goldfish. So far, I upgraded my filter to a whisper ex20, which isn't exactly silent but aside from that a great filter. I did two water changes in the first two days, around 40%, because the water was really cloudy...
1-5 of 5 Results