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  1. Aquatic Plants
    I have a 15 gallon tank that I recently bought and will be setting it up next week. My intentions are to raise show quality fancy guppies, tho I do not plan to show them at present. I've been reading a LOT of tutorials on how to set up the tank and start a cycle and have been a bit confused...
  2. General Freshwater
    :fish:I got a plant a few weeks ago snd now my tank is overrun with snails. I do not want to kill them, I would like to keep them as pets. I am currently keeping them in a samll tub that originally contained a betta (the kind of container you get from the pet store w/ your betta). I have given...
  3. General Freshwater
    But is there such thing as too many snails? :?: Could they eventually poison the water? I have no live plants in my set up - am I dodging an over population bullet? and last but not least, if I did get an overpopulation problem, wouldn't most of the babies be eaten by larger creatures in the...
  4. Diseases
    What is the best way to treat/medicate a planted tank... as well as a tank containing sensative fish? Betta with ichOk so my boyfriends betta developed a few white spots the other day so we bought a medication to treat it which I think contained methylene blue, malachite green and something...
1-4 of 4 Results