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  1. Aquatic Plants
    I am looking for some species of tall plants. Around 12-16 inches tall when grown and something that would look good with the plastic variety packs u find at Walmart. It really does not matter I suppose as long as it is green. I'd prefer to stay away from thin strings type. I am slowly going to...
  2. DIY (Do It Yourself)
    I have a 20G aquarium (~24LX16H) that I want to create a 3D background for, preferably with live/real items as opposed to fake (the tank is soon to be planted). I was thinking maybe something with driftwood attached, and live plants growing out of it. Also, it needs to be removable, in case I...
  3. General Freshwater
    I need to know about like rock. 1) How much money is it? (For a couple of peices) 2) Can i put it in coldwater 3) Does stuff grow on the rock? 4) Does the rock grow? Thanks :D
1-3 of 3 Results