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  1. Catfish & Other Bottom Dwellers
    My BF just got an otto, and I later heard that they're social little fish that are happier with a friend. My question is: should its buddy be the same species, or is any other otto ok? Or is the goldfish in the tank company enough? I don't want the little guy to get lonely or neurotic. Thanks!
  2. General Freshwater
    my 29 gallon tank is being cycled right now and my female platy is 2 weeks pregant she is going to stay in the ten gallon to have her fry and the other fish will be going into the new tank can i leave an otto in with fry or will he eat them i now they eat algae and vegtables, but i have heard...
  3. Catfish & Other Bottom Dwellers
    i had alittle brown algae in my tank, and 2 days ago i bought an otto. when i came home from school i couldent see any algae and my otto was franically searching my tank for food. so i went to the pet store and got algae waffers like they said, he never went by it and the waffers dissolved and...
1-3 of 3 Results