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  1. Beginner Freshwater
    :idea:So, its winter. Unfortunately i haven't been able to get a hold of any peat. But, i do have a few bags of dried Spanish moss, meant for frogs. I've scoured 4 pages of google, and all the threads are the same, people trying the Spanish moss they find in there yard, not the already dried...
  2. Aquatic Plants
    I'm sorry, I REALLY hate posting this however I recently got this plant from my LFS and I can't remember what it is. Thanks :) leaf by soap3r123, on Flickr
  3. Aquatic Plants
    Hey I just got an account bc I am switching from saltwater to freshwater. I have HO t5's with a 10,000k and an Actinic tube. Does anyone know if those tubes work well with plants or should I invest in 6,000k and Pink Roseate tubes or something else..? Thanks
  4. Aquatic Plants
    helooo, im going to get my first aquatic plant soon and i think it will be a broad leaf anubis :D ive seen a lot about co2 and substrate fertalizers and such and im wondering, what exactly do i need to do/buy after i put the plant in the tank to keep it healthy and growing thx :D
  5. Aquatic Plants
    I am looking for some species of tall plants. Around 12-16 inches tall when grown and something that would look good with the plastic variety packs u find at Walmart. It really does not matter I suppose as long as it is green. I'd prefer to stay away from thin strings type. I am slowly going to...
  6. Aquatic Plants
    I was wondering if plants will work in pool filter sand(I think thats what its called)
1-6 of 6 Results