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  1. Diseases
    their in a 10 gal 5 danios 2 glow fish i thought i was using to many chemicals so i'm jus using water conditioner all the readings are good i did half a water change the past 2 days my leopard danio died yesterday :( and today my big female it actin the
  2. Diseases
    Hey fellow fish keepers, I am reletivily new to fish keeping still and have had to deal with my first devistation. I noticed that a whole tank had become infected with fin rot and the following day they were all dead it was a fully cycled 60ltr with 10 baby phantom tetra in it ammonia was so...
  3. General Freshwater
    Ok so i have about a 30 gallon tank it has two filters both with the filter that has all the stuff you need... well i have one zebra danio (his other friend disappeared over xmas vacation (friend was feeding them)) two black skirt tetras and 10 gold fish of two different types. Last night i...
1-3 of 3 Results