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  1. General Freshwater
    Hey! Currently got a 55g long with four goldfish in it- black moor, fantail, shubunkin and comet (feeder fish) who are all under 4 inches at the moment. I love my goldies but it's a lot of work changing the water each week for them by hand, so I'm thinking of getting an above ground...
  2. General Freshwater
    I work as a receptionist and on top of the reception desk is a small fish tank roughly 5gal with 1 betta and 2 mountain minnows in it. I was doing a water change when 2 of my co workers walk past heading out to lunch and they start talking to me about their fish. You can only see about 3/4 of...
  3. Goldfish, Koi, and Ponds
    My dad made me a pond around twice the size of a king size bed just to be honest its really big,my dad put koi and gold fish the usual stufss.. and some mollies in it, its 3 ft deep, and i cant keep up, there is no pump, the pond has black water i dont know why (duhh dirty), it has been 2 months...
1-3 of 3 Results