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  1. Equipment & Technologies
    Hey I just recently discovered plans to build an efficient, working protein skimmer......I know its legit from the many photos of it working, plus its based of of the deisgn of a different freshwater skimmer that works, except its like $1000 for a small one lol......but this looks easy to make...
  2. Equipment & Technologies
    I can't find any reviews for it, was wondering if anyone knew if it was worth the money or not. It says it is made for up to 300 gallons. I don't wanna waste my money on it if it's junk, thanks.
  3. Want To Sell
    90 GALLON AQUARIUM, COMPLETE SET-UP Price: $750 Location: Fenton, MI All items are BRAND NEW, IN BOXES, NEVER USED We had wonderful intentions for this beautiful aquarium. It was a large investment, and unfortunately we never did follow through with setting it up. So we have all these...
1-3 of 3 Results