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  1. General Saltwater
    What would b better for a reef tank? 36 gallon bow front or 40 gallon hexagon. I was gonna convert the 55 to salt but just seems like too much work. Any advice?
  2. Reef
    hey guys so i was on youtube and i came across this video . if i was to make a setup just like it how much maintenance would it need? i want to make one like it so if anyone has done a nano tank like it any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Reef
    I've finally decided that the majority of the corals I would put in my soon to be tank would be mushrooms or corals with similar lighting requirements. I know that halides are the best for growth, but I don't want the heat. Would these corals survive and look good under vho and pc lighting? I...
  4. Reef
    i have a 75 gallon saltwater reef aquarium with 2 clown fish,3 pajama cardinals,1 lawnmower blenny,1blue green reef chroim,1 diamond watchman goby,1 saddleback wrasse,1 anemone,and 1 purple tree coral. does anyone know any good fish websites with good prices or any fish stores near levittown...
  5. Beginner Saltwater
    I keep hearing you need a sump or refuge, and then i hear you dont, and then I hear you do again? so do i need one or not, if i am looking forward to a reef? And if i do need one, which one is better for a reef? -thanks
  6. General Saltwater
    according to someone who is on reefkeeping magazine, they add 6 mLs of vodka to their 400 some gallon reef tank daily. is this a normal additive to the water? what does the vodka do exactly? here's the link btw, he's got a pretty nice tank (scroll down to "food, additives, and supplements" for...
  7. Beginner Saltwater
    what is the easiest way to catch a tang in a saltwater reef tank without destroying the setup of live rock/coral?
1-7 of 7 Results