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  1. Goldfish, Koi, and Ponds
    I recently acquired a large (grapefruit sized) ryukin from Craigslist. I've had her for about four days now. I didn't try feeding her for the first two days - making sure she wasn't overly stressed from the hour trip it took to get her home. Day three I soaked some pellets but she didn't go for...
  2. Goldfish, Koi, and Ponds
    She's gasping on the bottom of my ten gallon when I'm not there. When I am there, she swims up about 2 inches or less, but can't go any farther. She has had no previous ailments and is showing no symptoms of any of the diseases I've found (except for a little of the gill symptoms in ich). I know...
1-2 of 2 Results