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  1. General Saltwater
    So, I haven't ever been able to find a website that just allows people to marvel at the ocean and the wonders it holds. So I made one, I am going to release it this sunday, and I thought I would share on here, because I find a lot of people who have the same opinion as me on the ocean and the...
  2. Beginner Saltwater
    in a 40 gallon tank. 2 clownfish,-Ocellaris.aspx?CoreCat=IO-_-ProductDetail_3-_-Clownfish, Ocellaris-101788 2-3 Chromis 2-3 gobys...
  3. Beginner Saltwater
    so i was at pet co buying a new filter today and i saw that they are having a dollar per gallon sale. and also my birthday is rooling around. i had no clue what to get and then i thought a salt water tank. i already have a 20g gold fish tank thats been running almost half a year now with no...
  4. Introductions
    Hi, I'm Monika =) I'm new here ... but anyway, I don't have any aquariums at home (currently), but my mom owns a tropical fish/pet store so I have my fair share of those there ... haha Anyway, if you feel like popping in for a visit and you're in the Los Angeles area, we have a pretty good...
1-4 of 4 Results