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  1. Beginner Saltwater
    what do i need, and how would i set it up? thanks for any advice!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys my name is frank and people call me frank da tank, got the nickname working at petsmart. I have a reef tank, cichlid tank and a koi pond Personal site
  3. Reef
    i have a 75 gallon saltwater reef aquarium with 2 clown fish,3 pajama cardinals,1 lawnmower blenny,1blue green reef chroim,1 diamond watchman goby,1 saddleback wrasse,1 anemone,and 1 purple tree coral. does anyone know any good fish websites with good prices or any fish stores near levittown...
  4. Beginner Saltwater
    I have a 24gal nano-cube, I'm about a week into it, and the water and everything is testing perfect, I started out with just a clownfish and a yellow tailed blue damsel (really, obviously territorial) and both those are very healthy looking, I added in a new clown two days ago and it died...
1-4 of 4 Results