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  1. New Member Introductions
    I have been keeping fish for 3 years now but I have had reptiles and amphibians for over 10 years. Currently I am running two 150 Gallon Freshwater Setups housing Tiger Bicher(12"), Sailfin Pleco(13"), Silver Arowana (17"), Marble Goby (18"), Leporinus(8"), Flagtail Prochilodus(10"), Tiger...
  2. General Saltwater
    So, I haven't ever been able to find a website that just allows people to marvel at the ocean and the wonders it holds. So I made one, I am going to release it this sunday, and I thought I would share on here, because I find a lot of people who have the same opinion as me on the ocean and the...
  3. General Saltwater
    Me and my dad have always wanted to start up a saltwater tank! From the first time we saw the biocube, we loved! Although the reviews aren't great, we thought we would give it a go. At are local fish store a 29 gallon Biocube was $399.99! We didn't want to spend that much on a 29 gallon tank. A...
  4. General Saltwater
    What would b better for a reef tank? 36 gallon bow front or 40 gallon hexagon. I was gonna convert the 55 to salt but just seems like too much work. Any advice?
  5. General Freshwater
    I started a 50 gal saltwater tank a little over a month ago and am now ready to start adding some critters. I would like your input on compatability and order in which these fish should go in to keep some from becoming to aggresive towards fish added later. The setup includes 50 gal aquarium...
  6. General Saltwater
    I got a 55 gallon tank. Set it up for freshwater, cycled it and it is now stocked and decorated perfect. Today I got a 36 gallon bowfront tank. Wife wants a saltwater tank w live rock and stuff like that. Would the 36 gallon be big enough to start the saltwater setup? Or should I move the 55...
  7. Reef
    hey guys so i was on youtube and i came across this video . if i was to make a setup just like it how much maintenance would it need? i want to make one like it so if anyone has done a nano tank like it any advice would be appreciated.
  8. General Freshwater
    Just wondered what kind of fish people have.:fish:
  9. General Saltwater
    I have an idea, and was wondering if anyone ever had done something similar, I have a 29 gallon aquarium, and equipment such as lighting, heating filtration to go along with it. I want to fill the aquarium half way and have the middle filled with LR and leave some out of the water, where I can...
  10. Beginner Saltwater
    Hello. Normally I would have put this on my last "is it worth looking into" thread, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I found this deal on CL, and I was wondering if I hit gold again. "Selling my entire saltwater setup. Water is fully cycled for the last 3 years and has about 10-15 large pieces...
  11. Beginner Saltwater
    Hi im getting a new tank...a 29 gallon tank to be exact, and i will be putting in a 15 gallon sump/refugium. Im going to make it a FOWLR, about 40 lbs of live rock. I would like some ideas for what to be stocking it with. Thanks :)
  12. General Saltwater
    I caught this while fishing under a bridge on the Indian River in Brevard County, Florida. Can anyone identify what type it is? Thanks
  13. General Saltwater
    I have 2 WC seahorses, and they refuse to eat anything but ghostshrimp and in some cases bloodworms. Ive been desperately trying to get them to eat some frozen mysis shrimp eniched with this fish garlic stuff, but they just show the tiniest bit of intrest and then swim away. How do I get them...
  14. Beginner Saltwater
    I have started thinking about a saltwater tank. I have looked up some stuff on the internet, but am still really confused. One thing that confuses me is the filtration. I heard that live sand and rock can help in that area? And then protien skimmers are good for reefs. But I dont get sumps or...
  15. Beginner Saltwater
    Hello fellow bloggers!(I've always wanted to say that) I'm Katie and I recently became the owner of two beautiful [wild caught]seahorses.(type unknown) Origined from the Florida Keys. They are currently on a diet of live ghost shrimp. I've had them for about 3 or 4 days, and they still don't...
  16. General Saltwater
    my valentini pufferfish, who i recently found out is camera shy, seems to have something obscure on his eye. it is green and appears to be algae, but i cant be sure. i would buy a cleaner shrimp from my LFS, but im afraid the puffer is gonna eat him up. what should i do?
  17. General Saltwater
    what is the easiest way (other than buying rid ich or kick ich) to get rid of ich that is on my tangs? i have heard that it is recommended to keep your tank temp. at 80 degrees F and have your Specific Gravity at 1.06 until it disappears. is this correct? or is their an alternative that works...
  18. Beginner Saltwater
    what is the easiest way to catch a tang in a saltwater reef tank without destroying the setup of live rock/coral?
  19. General Saltwater
    are there any saltwater stingrays that would be perfectly fine living in a 40 gallon tank?
1-19 of 21 Results