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This is my first ever tank as I'm new to this hobby, but I've done loads and loads of thorough research to prepare myself. The only info I haven't been able to find is how exactly I could stock my tank, as there are so many different variables that go into decisions like this. I have a 10 gallon long tank, very heavily planted, and my fishless cycling process has been complete as I first set the tank up 3 weeks ago, and I used live bacteria supplements and some old filter media. This is how I would like to fill it:
1x male betta fish,
2x amano shrimp,
2x ghost shrimp,
2x green jade shrimp,
3x tiger/zebra nerite snails,
4x thorn nerite snails,
3x male emerald endler's livebearers, and
7-9x ember tetras (however much you recommend).
As of right now, I do already have two amano shrimps, two thorn nerites, and a tiger and a zebra nerite snail comfortably living in this tank. I will also note that I plugged all this info into the website and my stocking level is under 100%, so if that's a good stocking limit, great. Waste issues for this highly stocked tank would not be a problem for me as I have too many plants to list, a Top Fin power filter for up to 20 gallons, and I am prepared to do the necessary frequent water changes if the nitrate levels rise too high. However, if you think that amount of animals would simply create too little space for everyone to be happy, please let me know.

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Hello Fay ; Welcome to Fishforums. I would add a few more Ember Tetras..maybe 5 or 6 and that should be about it for the tank.This will give you a nice school without overcrowding. 25% weekly water changes will suffice.
Make sure you feed them a well rounded diet with a variety of quality foods.
I hope this has helped you.always feel free to ask any questions you might have.Always happy to help..
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