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20 gallon Stocking Question

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Hi, I was wondering if this would be okay for a 20 gallon high aquarium. (Its my first "big" tank)


4 albino (bronze) corydoras
3 red eyed swordtails
5 sparkling gouramis or 6 black phantom tetras

PLANT/DECOR _______________________

Java Fern
Dwarf four leaf clover
Leidens plant
Spiraled eel grass
Narrow leaf arrowhead
Marimo ball
Driftwood with Java fern attached
Rock cave
Half sand half gravel substrate separated by a small rock ridge( theres going to be gravel in the back half and sand in the front)

Any suggestions for Plants/Decor and Fish are welcome!
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cories are fine, can't speak to the tetra or gouramis. I would go with platies or guppeis over swords, just because they are a little smaller and that tank doesn't have a whole lot of swimming room.
i have a 20 also sword tails seem to do fine in there and coreis do great, all these fish can go fine in a 20 its just i would be careful with the gouramis they can get aggresive the tetras cories and swordtails all are peaceful and would get along great in your tank
cories and swordtails go for it.. i would add an airstone for the cories.. they like high oxygen levels and since your tank will be deep.. give them an airstone so they dont have to swim up so much...i would watch with gouramis.. i didnt look up your specific gourami but make sure that if you get 5 that they are dwarfs.. also be careful to get more females.. b/c the males are very territorial and are known for picking on the other males until they starve or die of stress
Sparkling gouramis are smaller than Dwarf Gouramis. They can be territorial but I don't think they are quite as bad as their larger relatives. I would still try to get more females than males if you can.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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