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Somewhere there is a link to an online gallon-age calculator, but you can do it yourself also. There are different combinations of dimensions that will hold 90 gallons, but any tank's volume can be calculated from its dimensions. It would be very hard to fake, and all the obvious ways would be more money than a straight up tank.

If you take the inner dimensions in cm (inches / 2.54) and multiply them together you get volume in cc. Divide by 1000 to get liters. Divide by 3.78541 to get gallons. If you use outer dimensions,you will overestimate the size of the tank, but not by much, maybe only a gallon or two.

Once you calculate the size, you only need to insure that the tank is an aquarium and not a glass turtle or bird cage that has thinner glass. If you see it full, make sure the sides are straight. You can sometimes find a maker by looking down from inside for a sticker between the glass and the bottom trim, but maker is only important for finding a lid to fit.

Most tank sellers will let you go to their home (tanks are PITA to more) and are legit. Beware of "new" equips sold in parking lots. See if the seller will take a personal check, some thieves will demand cash and then just take it. These people mostly copy legit listings, drop the price to impossibly good and meet you someplace sketchy. Google the exact text of the ad and see if you get another hit.
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