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Hello everyone! I really need help with my aquarium! I got it about a year ago, it was cycled and doing very well. But then I ruined it all by overcleaning, cycle started again then fish got ick and I put medicine in so ruined it even more I guess. I'm so frastrated now!
So I took the rest of fish out and decided to do (fast fishless cycle with shrimp), I had a lot of ammonia and nothing else for the longest time. So I had to take it down and start all over again!!!
I put new water in with conditioner and put a few fish in to start the cicle, now only after 2 weeks I have huge amount of Nitrites and Nitrates!!!
I don't understand how is it even possible with 45 gallon tank and a few small fish! It makes no sence to me!
I have been feeding fish very little, being very carful not to spike anything crazy there so I don't understand what's happening at all!
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