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I may need to disinfect my tank soon. My neons have white spots, and I have absolutely no money to get medication. I’m seriously pondering just putting all my fish to sleep, so they don’t have to go through slow deaths of being sick (I’ve already lost 5 neons, but they didn’t have spots). This is my first tank, I was awfully ignorant, and only after setting it up, did I bother to do any research about how to take care of now, I’m paying the price.
Although, I do want to try again, doing everything right! I plan on totally cleaning out everything (new gravel, but I’d like to keep my plastic plants and decorations), so it’s a fresh start again. I’ll let the tank cycle for at least two weeks (maybe a whole month), and get all my chemical levels evened out, etc. But I don’t want microscopic diseases to be there, if they don’t have to be, so I figure disinfecting would fix that. But how?? I heard you’re not supposed to use any kind of soap for fish stuff. Boiling water might melt the glue stuff in the corners of the tank and make it not as sturdy, and melt my plants.
Anybody know how I can get my tank ‘new’ without actually purchasing another one?

Also, I have an algae sucker (pleco?)...I assume they’re rather sturdy, since they seem to survive when others are dying. But he might be a carrier of whatever this is...should I get rid of him, if all my other fish end up going kaput? I bought my fish from three different stores, so I dunno who the culprit is. I could quarantine him for a while (such as when my tank is cycling)...if he seems okay after a few weeks, would it be safe to put him with a new batch? (This time, I’m gonna buy from one place, so if something happens, I can tell them their fishies are sick!)

Aurgh... :cry:

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Okay, here’s the basics, to start.
10 gal tank (but only holds about 8.75, if I’ve done all my math right, what with gravel and not being filled to the very top...the filter said it needed to have an inch of space under the ‘waterfall/flow’ section)
(UPDATE ... some more fish died)
1 male guppy
1 Dalmation Molly
1 algae sucker fish (who also has a couple spots...feh!)

Filter - power filter? (I threw the box away, and for some reason Petsmart’s website doesn’t have it listed, even though they’re the only place that carries TopFin stuff! Here’s a pic of it, though...
Heater - I have it turned up to about 78 right now, since I heard that higher temps help with sickness.
Light - florescent, 25 watt (on for about 10-15 hours a day)

I used a generic brand water conditioner (HBH extra strength Bowl Prep), but this week I’m switching to AmQuel Plus and NovAqua, since many people say they’re the best.

I don’t think it’s velvet (but what do I know? heh). It’s not a sheen, or a over-all coating, it’s little speckles. At first, when I noticed it on my guppy, I figured air bubbles were clinging to him, because I didn’t have my filter flowing at the time...but that never happened before. Then I looked at my neons, and they had bigger spots. (I turn my filter off for about 10 min. to feed, so they can get to the food before it gets sucked into the filter)

I do a 20% water change every Saturday. I’ve only had my tank two weeks, but I plan on doing a 40% change once a month (every 4th Saturday)... is that good, or should I stick to 20% all the time, to not make my chemical levels fluxuate too much?

Not that I know what my levels are! I only have a PH tester right now - gonna have to wait until Friday/paycheck to get the Nitrate/Amonia one (any others I should get?). My PH is about 7.4 and I tried putting “downer” in it (one dose every day, for the last three days) to get it leveled at 7.0 but it hasn’t gone down yet..and I don’t wanna shock/burn the poor things!

The first two weeks I had my fish, it was just conditioned water. Then around the 13th I bought the PH tester and salt. I gave ‘em two tablespoons of salt (for 10 (technically 8.75 in there) gal tank)...I heard that helps with sickness, but it seems like it did the opposite!

Plants... I’ve wanted to get some, but I get all sorts of different opinions on what’s best. I won’t mind trimming back fast growers all the time, so that’s not a problem. I might get a little bundle of Java Fern (or Java something), and Hornwort to cover my corner where the heater and filter are.

I haven’t set up my air pump yet...maybe I should do that today!

I’m gonna give myself credit for at least trying to correct things. I told my husband my fish were sick, and he asked how I knew that. I said “look, they got white thingies”...and he said “maybe they’re just shedding.” so I said “Fish don’t shed!” and he said “They lose scales once in a while.” ...somehow, I doubt that’s the same thing. Ironically, he doesn’t do anything to his tank, other than have a filter, heater and that generic water conditioner, and all his fish are fine. Maybe the fish I got from Wal-Mart were already sick? My bettas from Petsmart and Teacher Pet (local/private store) are just fine. The betta from TP was in with the other guys, so I’ll have to watch him..maybe he just has to catch up ;p
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