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align=center]This is an exciting project. 5 of the most requested projects from the hobby.
A picture is worth a thousand words, DVD Digital Video is worth a BILLION.
See how to build cutting edge products for next to nothing. SAVE/ MAKE $$$
All projects are built using common tools and materials available at home centers or discount retailers.
The goal of all DemoVid productions is to make devices that equal or outperform Professionally made models. I have seen people make exact clones of things that when I price the stuff they used would be double the cost of buying one from the online sellers.[/align][/align]

The demonstrations include:
1. Pin Impeller Modification for Power Head This turns an Aquaclear 802 into a super air injector. The pins chew up incoming air and water and churn them into foam. No venturi to clog, no air stones.

2. Super Efficient Protein Skimmer This design uses the Pin impeller power head to create massive foam. The function of this skimmer does [flash width=100 height=100]not[/flash] depend on the amount of water flowing through the device.( Venturi devices require a big pump to drive water through the skimmer at enough force to, drawl in air, maintain the correct level, mix the water, and make foam.) This design means that you have complete controll of how much volume flows through your system. Now you can have a very small amount of water, like a nano reef, connected to a huge skimmer. Something big and skinky dies in you system, this thing can handle it. Everything is self adjusting and amazingly simple. No ball valves, but still adjustable! No air stone to get mushy, no venture to clog, max safety and efficiency.

3. PVC Overflow/ surface extractor [/size]Very cheap and very effective. Fully customizable for your application. This device gets the water out of your aquarium when drilling is not reasonable. Will automatically restart after power interruption. You could empty the aquarium and refill (within a reasonable time) and it will start immedeatly. Just charge the device with water and remove all air ant off you go.

4Bulk Head Fittings From Hardware Store Parts color[/. [/size]Using pvc from the electrical section make bulkheads for under $2.00 each. Ho[flash width=100 height=100]Plus [/flash] [glow=red:c8b2ec2ad0]How to make custom gaskets out of a surprisingly cheap and available material.[/glow:c8b2ec2ad0]

5. Drilling Glass Two methods are demonstrated. The first is using a $10.00 diamond hole saw bit and a hand held drill. This is the easiest and safest way to drill glass. I even include an amazingly affordable source of bigger size bits. The other method is more difficult, more danger, and slower BUT it is more versitile to use a High speed Roto-Tool and carbide/diamond bits.

This was filmed on digital media, edited and producted on Studio Pinnacle 9 and burned to DVD

If you are not delighted with the DVD, Return it within 30 days for Full Purchase Price REFUND.

This is the video you have been wishing for, so don't wait. I am offering it at a $10.00 discount now due to a problem with the magazine I have advertised with failing to publish my advertisement.

[align=center:c8b2ec2ad0]This Deal is very time limited, [flash width=100 height=100]ORDER NOW!!!!!![/flash][/align:c8b2ec2ad0]
[glow=crimson:c8b2ec2ad0]Most Aquarium DVD's for aquarium related topics are over $35.00
My usual price is $24.95[/glow:c8b2ec2ad0]
[flash width=100 height=100][align=center:c8b2ec2ad0]Order Now and get All 5 projects and unlimited E-mail support
for only $10.00 + 4.95 S/H[/align:c8b2ec2ad0]
PayPal Preferred , Checks Money orders accepted, Use your Credit cards through Pay Pal only.

[align=center:c8b2ec2ad0]To get your copy send email requesting how many copies you want. I will reply with a request for funds from PayPal. Send funds and I will put it in the mail, Same Day!

[email protected]


Mail request and funds to:

F. Wayne Johnson
411 Justice Ave.
Logan, WV 25601-3118[/align:c8b2ec2ad0][/align]
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