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Hello, I am in the process of researching DIY filters for 3 Rubbermaid container enclosures that I'm gonna build and house my turtles in.

1 Rubbermaid stock tank will be 55 gallons for my Eastern Musk Turtle.

The other will be 100 gallons for my Nicaraguan Ornate Slider.

And the last one will be 100 gallons for my Florida Softshell Turtle.

I want to connect and filter all 3 enclosures using 1 filter but I am a bit unsure despite all my research on how to best approach this project.

Should I use a sump filter, and if so, is there any added benefit of it being used as an "overhead sump" as opposed to being at the bottom?

Would I be able to use a canister filter to filter these 3 Rubbermaid stock tanks? If so, would this be the easier route, or is there another method I am missing?

I know this is primarily a fish forum, but I figured if anyone knows about filters and these setups, it would be you guys. Any help or input would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this.
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