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Am I missing an eyebrow?
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OK. I have a 20g aquarium with a top that measures ~24 1/4 L X 12 1/2 W. I got it for free on Craigslist and the people who had it before me knew nothing about fish and now I'm (quite literally) having to pay for it.

Among the problems was that the tank had no hood (but what do you expect for free?). Where can I find a hood that isn't so expensive, but of good quality for my tank?

Oh, another thing is, the tank is "bordered" I guess you could say with wood, instead of black metal/plastic or whatever is usually on there, so whatever I get I want to have the appearance of wood, if that's possible.

I would like help as soon as possible, because I do have fish that jump, and cats looking for a snack, and all I have to protect the tank as of yet is a small lid to a plastic container (and its a little to small). Thanks in advance! ~~~ Dragonbeards
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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