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I have a 55 gal freshwater tank with 5 tiger barbs, 5 skirted tetras, 3 (not-dwarf) gouramis, 1 bala shark, 1 rainbow shark, and 1 algae eater.

First of all, I plan to get a larger tank as the algae eater and bala shark grow. Currently, the algae eater is about 6 in and the bala about 3 in. Also, all of the fish currently get along great, none of them are being bullied or fighting with any other one.

I am currently living in a dorm and have the 55 gal set up in our common room, however, the dorms are closed during winter break. It is too much trouble to bring home the 55 gal, but I do have two 20 gal longs, which I plan to split up the fish into for my 3 week break.

My question is, how should I split them up, and how should I reintroduce them afterwards?

I was thinking splitting less aggressive with more aggressive, but I would like to be able to reintroduce them all back to the 55 gal at the same time after the break. Although it might be a better option to reintroduce them in the order that I set up the tank in; the least aggressive first and then the more aggressive a week later. What do you think?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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