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This is an extremely beautiful but AGGRESSIVE fish-only tank. Looks like a reef tank but without the maintenance hassle. Took me two years and a couple thousand dollars, but now a stable community, entertaining, but also a true work of art. Great for beginners or serious enthusiasts. Set up includes glass tank w/ canopy and stand, filtration, lighting, sea clone protein skimmer, fluval canister filter, 2 powerheads, approx 60 pounds of fiji live rock, various decorative corals, and livestock.

CHECK OUT THESE FISH! One clown trigger, one humu trigger, one niger trigger, one show size red lion fish, one lunar wrasse, one minatus grouper, and two moray eels, one rare gold and one snowflake. If you want to see a spectacular FEEDING FRENZY, JUST DROP A GOLD FISH IN AND SEE THE CARNAGE! (sorry, no shark included)

Asking $1800 but willing to negotiate. Will throw in all the food, info, and maintenance materials to get you started. If you are in or around the LA area, please contact [email protected].
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