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Detroit is planning to shut down its historic 101 year old aquarium to save money. The Belle Isle Aquarium is located on historic Belle Island and is home to many endangered species of fish, some of which are extinct in the wild. It is also the oldest operation aquarium in the United States.

Friends Of The Belle Isle Aquarium are trying to stop the city of Detroit from making another historic building a deserted eye sore. For more information please go to

We would greatly appreciate it if people would show up to our Walk-about on January 23 at 11am at Belle Isle Aquarium so show the city of Detroit that its citizens do not support the idea of shutting down this important piece of Detroit history and breeder of endangered fish species.

I apologise if this is not the proper forum to put a thread like this in, but I feel that loosing Belle Isle would be a great loss to the aquarium and zoological societies.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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