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harlequin rasbora

Harlequin rasbora

Common name – harlequin rasbora, red rasbora, and trigonostigma heteromorpha, but most commonly sold under the name of harlequin rasbora

Proper name - Trigonostigma heteromorpha

Family – Cyprindae

Origin – Sotuheast Asia, Thailand and Malaysia to be exact.

Life expectancy – 3-5 years

Care level – this is a very hardy aquarium fish so is usually a good choice for beginners, but just because this fish is relatively hardy does not mean that it should be placed in unsuitable conditions

max size - 1-2 inches, usually about 2 inches though

Minimum group suggestion – preferably 6 as when they are on smaller groups they will hide, become lethargic, and terrorize the rest of your fish

Minimum tank size suggestion – 15 inch 15 gallon tank as these are very active fish and appreciate lots of room to swim around in.

Compatibility – this is a very passing community fish, that is not nippy unless kept in small groups, meaning that they do well with other small peaceful community fish that wont threaten, or bully this fish. Most small, non nippy, peaceful tetras, and rasboras would be great tank mate choices with this fish.

Diet – this is an omnivore so will readily accept flakes, frozen or live bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp, meaty foods, and sometimes even certain vegetables.

Level occupied in tank – this fish will mostly be found swimming in the middle to top of the tank

Temperature range – 72 to 82

Water conditions – PH of 5-7 and hardness of soft to medium

Bio – the harlequin rasbora is a very common fish that is easily found in most stores, including big chain stores. it is a small friendly community fish that would be a great addition to any bodies tank, it especially looks superb in sand bottom, moderately planted tanks.
Good luck with your new fishy friend
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