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Hello everyone!

My first mission's trip to Rwanda was in June, 2010. I instantly fell in love with the country and the people there!

Our job then was to open a medical clinic and help with construction on some other projects. At the end of the trip our leader asked if I'd lead a fish farm project. I've never even raised a goldfish, but I couldn't say no to this challenge!

Over the next two years I researched and prayed, coming up with a design that we constructed in April, 2012.

There are finally Tilapia in the tanks, and of course we're running into issues. I can't say that I'm just now getting over my head - this has been over my head the whole time. It's definitely in God's hands! My hope is that I'll find friends here that can provide some expertise to help make this project a success!

Maybe someone will even want to go to Rwanda with me!

Glad to be here!!

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