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How do I stock a 60 gallon?

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I’m hopefully about to get a 60 gallon. Might not, since it’s on FB marketplace, but I probably will. If I get it, I want about five angelfish, some shoaling-schooling species, and some cories (Plus two BN plecos). So far, I don’t know exactly how to stock, since angels are tall fish. My plan for controlling the pairs and aggressiveness is to get a big group of juvenile angels (10+), then once they’re grown up, remove all the aggressive ones/pairs until I hopefully have five. Then for the rest of the fish, I was planning on doing a school of 15 cardinal tetras and 7 diamond tetras or cherry barbs if I have space left. Then about 7 albino cories and two Bristlenose morphs.
Im fairly sure this is overstocked, so…yeah, just tell me who needs to go.
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