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I'm worried about my platy's swollen anus.

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Hi, I have a question about my coral platy Silver. She has what I think is a swollen anus, and I haven't seen her poop in a while. I just got my fish, and I'm a new fish owner, so I don't know how bad this is, but it's gotten bigger and I'm worried. One thing you should know (I don't know if this is related) is that Silver got stuck in one of my aquarium's sharp plants, and she struggled for a day or two before I noticed that she needed help. We got her out, but I'm worried that because I haven't washed the tank in a little bit, while she was squirming some bacteria got into her. So, just checking. Thanks!
PS: Do you want me to send pics?
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I just checked Silver and her anus has swelled bigger. She was also really skittish when I went to check on her. Not her usual self. Also, I forgot to say that I feed my 4 platys Fancy Guppy, a kind of semi-float fish food.
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