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Hello! There is no such thing as a glofish, they are just geneticly modified fish. Assuming the pink and blue glofish are also skirt tetra which are schooling. You will need to get 3 more, Corydoras Catfish are schooling, so you will need 4 more. Tiger barbs also school, so you will need 2 more. Keeping schooling fish in the proper amount make them happier, more inergetic, and less aggressive. "Suckered fish" are plecos and will get WAY to big for your tank (they need ponds) so you will need to rehome him.

Recommend plan:
Get 3 more skirt tetra
Get 4 more pepper cories
2 more tiger barbs
Rehome "sucker fish"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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