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Total random story but I am here laughing out loud...
So I am visiting my sister and her son is getting chemistry homework help through an online tutor, so I am sitting on the couch next to my nephew while doing something on my laptop and my sister is cooking dinner.

Anyway the teacher is going through her last exercises with the kid and suddenly a young man appears behind her in boxers, he just passes by walking in the background drinking something and out of nowhere BELCHES so loud that the neighbors probably heard that!!!

Oh my goodness the poor woman was EMBARRASSED.

She suddenly said "pardon my son's manners please, he forgets I'm working in the living room"... seriously, I feel bad for the lady BUT OMG HAHAHAHA ,,, I had to move from the couch because I couldn't hold my laughter and my nephew plain exploded laughing in front of the camera !!!

This post should be name "the things that happen while getting chemistry help online" HAHAAHAHA!

Any funny random thing happened to you lately? The nephew and I have been laughing for more than 30 minutes now !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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