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COMMON NAMES - Moonlight Gourami, Silver Gourami, Moonbeam Gourami
SCIENTIFIC NAME - Trichogaster microlepis
( TRY-ko-GAS-ter my-kro-LEEP-is = "hair-belly with tiny scales"

ORIGIN - Thailand
HABITAT - Rice paddies, marshes
MAXIMUM SIZE - 8" (15 cm)
MINIMUM TANK SIZE - 30 gallons (150 liters)
DIET - flake foods, freeze dried foods, frozen and live food such as: blood worms, tubiflex worms and black worms. Mosquito larvae is also accepted.
TANK ZONE - middle to top, but may go to the bottom to hide
TEMPERMENT - Peaceful fish, males should not be kept together unless there is a suitable amount of space and a few females.
HARDNESS - 1-30 dGH optimal hardness- 6 dGh
pH - 6.0-9.0 optimal ph-6.7
TEMPERATURE -76-86F (23-29C) 80F
SALINITY - likes 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons
PHOTOPERIOD - Tropical; 11-12 hours per day. Seasonal changes are not critical for spawning.
HARDINESS - VERY hardy fish can tolerate ammonia and nitrite to a certain point if there is a low oxygen content in the water they can just breathe air.
LIFESPAN - 10+ years.
ACTIVITY PEAK - Morning till late noon.
HABITS - slightly territorial, may nip fins.
SPAWNING NOTES - Males have a red breast area and red feelers. Females are completely silver. The male builds a small bubble nest and uses plant matter to construct it. During spawning the male orange fins become red for a few days. The water level should be lowered few inches and floating plants should be provided. The fry will hatch in 24-36 hours depending on the temperature be sure to cover the aquarium with plastic wrap with air holes to prevent chilling during the first few weeks when the labyrinth organs are developing. Fry should be fed newly hatched brine shrimp, and infusoria. Either the parents or fry should be taken out after 3 weeks.
Other notes - Needs a well planted tank and some places to hide. Should not be kept with fry as they will eat them.


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