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Hi :)
I have a really small fish tank with a shubunkin, pleco and 2 white cloud minnows, i know the tank is small so i have just picked up a deal with a second hand Juwel Trigon 190 :)

Im still a beginner and i have a few questions! Please help!!

1) It comes with a heater but do i take this out for my fish?
2) Can i mix coldwater and tropical fish in the same tank?
3) I want to make the tank look natural and not like a child has just added a plastic rock so do you guys have any suggestions on which rocks, wood, gravel or decorations would look good?
4) Can i grow plants in my tank?
LASTLY 5) What other fish would be good too add into my tank? :)

Im getting the tank in 2 days time and would love some help off anyone with knowledge!

Thankyou for you time :)

-An amateur named Matty

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hi matty...i take it you are from the UK as i believe Juwel is sold should never mix tropicals with cold water fish..the shubunkin and white clouds will be fine together ; but the pleco requires warmer water...and if it what is known as a "common" pleco it will need a much much bigger tank as they can reach a metre or more in length...
look for natural color gravel at the fish store or from the shores of lakes or even around the ocean..just make sure you rinse it several times to get it clean..
the same goes for driftwood and plants...get hardy low light plants such as Anubias or Java ferns...don't plant those , just tie them to a nice size rock or piece of driftwood..
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