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Hello everyone, I have a betta in need of some help. And its kind of sad. It started out I only had him for a day when he cut off one of his pectoral fins right in half. He is a elephant ear betta. This was like a year and a half ago now. I had a shell in there so I took it out. It was the only thing that could of done it. Then he began biting his fins off shortly after. I would say after about a month of having him. I corrected it by changing everything inside his tank. I had a feeling he was unhappy with his tank because there wasn't anywhere for him to hide. That seemed to stop it. I gave him lots of real wood and real plants and hiding places. Well, for about 8 months it stopped. Then he began again except this time he got tail rot. I regret it took me a while to see this. I just thought he was still biting. It got pretty bad. And during this time he some how lost one of his eyes. Then I medicated his tank and since he was the only one in there I didn't need to move him. It seemed to work because his fins started growing back. :cool: Except for his pectoral fins. Do pectoral fins even get tail rot? They are all ragged to this day. I don't understand it. I don't know exactly when he lost his eye I just know after he was medicated and I got the chance to get a REALLY good look at him I noticed that spot was white and not bulged out. So, I know its gone. O.K. So this is where I am now. His fins don't seem to be doing anything anymore. I don't think.. There not rotting but there not growing either. But they look healthy. Still have natural new fin material at the ends. But what concerns me the most is this little spot he has between his anal fin and his caudal fin. Right there where they meet together the fin never did grow. And now it looks like its getting infected or something IDK. Right at that spot. All I know is it doesn't look right and something is wrong. His behavior is great. When all this was going on he got really sick and depressed. That is how I know to compare it. Because I actually only had him for like a month when he started biting his fins off and went down hill. So, I didn't know how normally he acted. But his fins were long and gorgeous when I got him. So whatever he didn't like began in my tank. But I couldn't think what it could be. I have had betta's my entire life. I am now 45. I have had a lot of healthy betta's over the years and a lot that got sick. So, I can usually figure things out. However, I have never had fin rot before in any fish that I have had. And back to how he acts. He doesn't act sick at all. He eats great. He swims around. Does all the things bettas are suppose to do. Oh, and he seems not to have any issues with having only one eye. He eats the same and everything. I had a really old blind betta before that I remember couldn't eat anymore because he couldn't see his food. That isn't the case with this guy. I'll put some info below. And I will try to upload a pic today as well if I can figure it out.
I haven't tried salt yet. I am going to add that today.

5.5 gallon tank with no tank mates(there was a snail at one time and is back)

I don't have kits to test water except test strips. I have one for PH, a couple for all the other things. They are all normal. And No I cant afford right now one of those other kind.

I feed him once a day tetra BettaMin flake medly and on 3 of the days out of the week now (Beginning a month ago) I have been replacing it with Fluval Bug Bites so he can get more protein to regenerate his fins.

I forgot what other info is needed. Please don't ask what is water parameters are because I don't have the type of test kit that will give me this information. I only have test strips and they are all normal. And I don't have any money to buy the other type of testing kits.


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