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Hey! So for two years I’ve kept fancy goldfish and am a huge goldfish fanatic. I know she doesn’t post fish content anymore, but my favorite goldfish channel was Solid Gold Aquatics (Jennifer Lynx). But as I was watching her videos, a lot of questions formed in my head. Some are just random questions, but if anyone has an answer to any of these it’d be appreciated. I’ve had these questions for awhile but just got the idea to post them online to see if anyone has answers. Thanks in advance!

  1. I know in Thailand when there are koi they are aged by the seasons. I know that there are Tosai, Nisai, Sansai, and so on. But are these just used for koi or can they be used for goldfish as well?
  2. What is the definition of a Sakura? I know they are red and whites but do they have blue? What is the difference between Sakuras and just normal red and whites?
  3. What’s the difference in keeping top view ranchu and just normal ranchu?
  4. I know that the lateral line is a sensory organ, but how exactly does it work?
  5. This is kind of a weird question, but is there a way to make an orandas wen get larger? I prefer the look of a big wen on orandas. I have a young one, she’s 3” long, while she’s growing is there a way I can make her wen grown larger too?
  6. This is the thing I’m most curious about, what exactly makes a fancy goldfish “high quality”? What are the general standards for each type?
Sorry for all the long random questions
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