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Some of my angels....

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This is a Sta Isabel X Rio ***** cross....


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Let's try Blue marbles...

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Nice angels, Mugwump!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice angels, Mugwump!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you.....:p
All are beautiful! Love the Koi.
Thanks folks, I have some pics that I'll toss up sometime...

Here's Manny, my buddy....:)

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Thanks folks....Manny's a Himalayan.....Siamese Mom..Persian Dad
He looks so soft and fluffy, I like his blue eyes :).
Wow, your angels are gorgeous!
He looks so soft and fluffy, I like his blue eyes :).
+1 I love cats. I have a cat named Skittles, she is white with calico patches.
Those angelfish are so beautiful!!!?

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Thank you for sharing these pictures :). I've always known them as new world cichlids and always wondered why they called them angelfish. They are great fish nonetheless.
Wow! your angels are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post. If you ever face tank leakage problem then must try "Pondpro2000" Pond coating for sealing tank leaks.
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