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Well, at Petland they have a very large (3-400 galons) hex tank, and they have a couple of stingrays living with Discus, and the other bottomfeeders their with is various species of cories which can easily fit in their mouths, but they dont seem to bother them. I don't know much about stingrays exept the fact that they are very picky about their water conditions and that they will die if it's not perfect, other than that, I'm just telling you what I saw, I'm not sure about what type of stingray they were, but I know there were 6-7 of them and they seemed fine with other fish. The tank has a gravel bottom, however they have made some parts of the tank sand, and the rays seem to like those areas more than the gravel.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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