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I bought some macrobiotic sea salt the other day from a healthfood shop in my desperation to get some unprocessed/unrefined salt for a very sick looking male betta with fin rot ( and now with addition of pimafix as well, he is looking very healthy) it was at about 8pm and all aquariums in the area were closed so it was that or nothing.

I am currently treating a female betta with dropsy and have added some of these same salts and some pimafix to help aleviate the swelling and pain, and am crossing my fingers that she pulls through. I figure since the male did so well on a similar treatment it was worth a try(man was he looking sick) even though dropsy is much worse than fin rot.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has thought about using this sort of stuff? If you think I should not be using this salt on my fish please give an actual supported reason not just "drugs are bad m'kay"

Here is the chemical analysis as on the back of the packet:
chloride: 51%
sodium 32%
water 7%
sulphur 1.12%
zinc 0.87%
magnesium 0.5%
iron 0.38%
potassium 0.26%
manganese 0.026%
copper: 0.018%
calcium 0.012%
silicon 0.011%

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you should also keep some melafix on hand..... works great on fin rot and dropsy.

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What is macorbiotic? Plain sea salts should be fine, so should kosher non-iodized salt. Nothing wrong with processing or refining. What you want to avoid are additive like for 'anti-caking'. Read the ingredients. You want just one.
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